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1. What is MOE SLS URL?

2. I have forgotten my SLS password. What should I do?

There are three ways to reset SLS password:

a) Reset via email. Please remember the email address used during your first setup.

If you cannot see the email in your inbox, it may be in the spam or junk email folder.

b) Reset via answering security questions

c) Call SLS helpdesk at 67026513

3. My SLS account has been locked. What should I do?

Your account will be locked after 6 consecutive attempts to log in with an incorrect password.

4. How do I/my child log onto AsknLearn?

Information pertaining to AsknLearn login can be found here.

5. If there are some information I wish to find that is not on the website, what should I do?

Call our office at 62827968 or email us at yuying_ss@moe.edu.sg