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Exercise & Sports Science

Exercise & Sports Science (“ESS”) is an interdisciplinary applied subject where students are taught to perform and participate in various sports. They will also be exposed in-depth to disciplines of Biomechanics, Physiology, Sociology, Psychology and Motor Learning & Development. 

ESS provides a plethora of opportunities for students to develop 21st Century Competencies where theories and concepts are applied in authentic learning contexts. Students will learn to manage uncertainties as teams and adapt to diverse challenges from the myriad of experiential learning experiences. They strive to become effective communicators who can employ multiple perspective-taking when dealing with the complexities in life. ESS aims to develop individuals who can take on new challenges and be future-ready.

Gleaning from lessons learnt during the Covid-19 Home-based Learning and Circuit Breaker, ESS at Yuying Secondary School has since taken on a Blended Learning approach in engaging our students using Google Classroom. This ranges from the delivery of E-notes, learning packages and alternative assessment for more self-directed learning opportunities.

Assessment Mode:
40% - Theory examination
40% - Coursework: Planning and enactment of developmental training log
20% - Practical assessment of one individual/ dual and one team physical activity