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Exercise & Sports Science

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Exercise & Sports Science (ESS) is an inter-disciplinary applied subject where students are taught to
perform and participate in various sports. They will be exposed to in-depth disciplines of Biomechanics,
Physiology, Sociology, Psychology and Motor Learning & Development. 40% of the assessment will be on
theory and concepts while the remaining 60% will be based on practical assessments of actual gameplay
and development logs.

ESS provides a plethora of opportunities for students to develop their 21 st Century Competencies where
theories and concepts are applied in authentic learning contexts. Students will learn to manage
uncertainties and adapt to diverse challenges from the myriad of experiential learning experiences. They
will also become effective communicators who employ multiple perspective-taking when dealing with the
complexities in life. ESS will develop individuals to take on new challenges and be future-ready.