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SYF Achievements 2021

As the Singapore Youth Festival approached in April this year, both our students and teachers were enthused but at the same time, nervous to do their best for the presentation. For such events, where schools strive to bring out the best from their students in terms of skills and values, they also face a new challenge in the form of COVID-19, where face-to-face CCA sessions are mostly no longer possible. 

With their resilience and the support from various stakeholders, our students, teachers and instructors rose to the occasion and achieved excellence through numerous virtual CCA sessions and other modes of learning from each other. Despite the daunting odds, the Performing Arts CCAs demonstrated that anything is possible. 

Congratulations to our Performing Artists for your amazing achievement!

Performing Arts Group

SYF Achievement

Guitar Ensemble

Certificate of Accomplishment

Guzheng Ensemble

Certificate of Distinction

Concert Band (Percussion)

Certificate of Distinction

Concert Band (Flexible Team)

Certificate of Distinction

Malay Dance

Certificate of Distinction

Chinese Dance 

Certificate of Distinction