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Outstanding Alumni

Realising my Dream One Step at a Time

Defying the odds to succeed and fulfil my passion to serve others


Receiving the President’s Award 2019 affirmed my passion to serve others and made every part of my life’s journey worthwhile. Being the first Yuying Secondary School alumnus to receive this award, I hope to inspire my juniors to reach for their dreams with my journey.  I struggled academically when I first entered secondary school. Feeling demoralised, I became disengaged and began to focus less on my studies. Fortunately, the phase did not last long for I found my way upon joining Boys’ Brigade (BB). I was blessed with nurturing officers and seniors who motivated me and supported my emotionally and academically. Inspired by them, I began to see improvements in my studies. With buoyed confidence and enhanced leadership skills, I soon found myself actively serving in both BB and the Prefectorial Board Executive Committee.

Having experienced the BB program first-hand, I can vouch that the CCA provides an excellent platform to mentor youths.  Currently as the Head Primer in Yuying BB, I took every opportunity to journey with my juniors through regular Company parades and trainings to prepare them for competitions such as the BB Blaze. I see this as an opportunity for me to give back to the Brigade and my Company for providing me with valuable guidance during my secondary school days. 

Upon graduation, I have expanded my service to Brigade-level activities and is part of the organising committee for the Primers’ Orientation, taking on the role as the chairman. My role entails working with Primers from the different Polytechnic Companies and working with them to come up with activities for the participating Primers, with the aim of increasing networking and sharing of best practices among them. On top of that, I was part of the drama production committee for Life Community Services Society where I put up a performance for children during Christmas while mentoring other actors in the performance. 

The award is an affirmation of my dedication to serve others and a testament that with the right support and determination, I can overcome any challenges. Receiving the award does not mark the end of my service to the younger generation as I will continue to serve alongside with them. I hope to instil confidence in them and inspire them to reach for their dreams so that they too, can overcome their challenges in life. 

I will continue to seize every opportunity to serve the youth of today. This path of mentorship is tough but the harvest is fulfilling. I firmly believe that if we mentor the future generation well, Singapore will continue to prosper.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone at Yuying Secondary School for their unwavering trust and support in me.  I hope that my journey so far has shown how anyone can succeed despite the odds. 

Tan Jing Kiat Elijah 

4E3 2017


The President’s Award represents the epitome of the Primers’ training in The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore. The highest award in the BB Programme, The President’s Award is presented to Primers who have successfully completed the demanding requirements in leadership and service in the community, as well as in the BB as adventure activity leaders or event managers. 

Your Beginning Does Not Define Your End

My journey from Normal Technical (NT) course to National University of Singapore.

M111.jpgy transition from being an NT student to becoming a freshman in NUS was not easy. 

Back then, I did not thrive academically and hence, ended up in the NT course. It was a turning point in my life upon entering secondary school for I made the decision to put in my best effort in everything I do. I realised that mediocre effort will never lead to stellar results.  Given that my route after secondary school was more or less pre-destined; progressing to ITE after N-Levels, I started to research extensively on my future possibilities and started to plan for the things I had hoped to achieve. 

Planning was the easy part. Execution was the real challenge. 

There were lots of obstacles and setbacks which I had to overcome, moving from one phase to another. Failures were aplenty. There were times when giving up felt like the better option. However, I learnt to pick myself up every single time and brace myself for different challenges.

How did I bounce back? I am grateful for the guidance from my teachers in Yuying. Because of them, I am where I am and who I am today. My former form teacher in Yuying, Ms Izzati has been a constant in my life. When I was in school, she spurred me on throughout the four years. After I graduated, she continues to encourage me and show concern for my well-being. Mind you, it was for the entire class and not just me. When I was enlisted in the army, Ms Izzati even personally delivered her own precious textbooks and notes that she had used in NUS to my house once she knew I was taking up the same major as her. Her encouragement and actions greatly humbled me and keeps me striving to become a better me. 

My advice to all students out there—value your teachers! They are not just there solely to impart knowledge, give homework and conduct examinations. Instead, they discipline your heart and mind because they care for you on a personal level. Reach out to them if you ever encounter any challenges at school or in life. They will be there for you and try to help you no matter what. While teachers are there to support you, ultimately, it is still you, who can make the biggest change happen in your life. Remember, your beginning does not define your end. 

Thank you Yuying for believing in me. 

Terence Kang Qian Ben
4NT 2011