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Outstanding Alumni

Your Beginning Does Not Define Your End

My journey from Normal Technical (NT) course to National University of Singapore.

M111.jpgy transition from being an NT student to becoming a freshman in NUS was not easy. 

Back then, I did not thrive academically and hence, ended up in the NT course. It was a turning point in my life upon entering secondary school for I made the decision to put in my best effort in everything I do. I realised that mediocre effort will never lead to stellar results.  Given that my route after secondary school was more or less pre-destined; progressing to ITE after N-Levels, I started to research extensively on my future possibilities and started to plan for the things I had hoped to achieve. 

Planning was the easy part. Execution was the real challenge. 

There were lots of obstacles and setbacks which I had to overcome, moving from one phase to another. Failures were aplenty. There were times when giving up felt like the better option. However, I learnt to pick myself up every single time and brace myself for different challenges.

How did I bounce back? I am grateful for the guidance from my teachers in Yuying. Because of them, I am where I am and who I am today. My former form teacher in Yuying, Ms Izzati has been a constant in my life. When I was in school, she spurred me on throughout the four years. After I graduated, she continues to encourage me and show concern for my well-being. Mind you, it was for the entire class and not just me. When I was enlisted in the army, Ms Izzati even personally delivered her own precious textbooks and notes that she had used in NUS to my house once she knew I was taking up the same major as her. Her encouragement and actions greatly humbled me and keeps me striving to become a better me. 

My advice to all students out there—value your teachers! They are not just there solely to impart knowledge, give homework and conduct examinations. Instead, they discipline your heart and mind because they care for you on a personal level. Reach out to them if you ever encounter any challenges at school or in life. They will be there for you and try to help you no matter what. While teachers are there to support you, ultimately, it is still you, who can make the biggest change happen in your life. Remember, your beginning does not define your end. 

Thank you Yuying for believing in me. 

Terence Kang Qian Ben
4NT 2011