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To nurture students with the attitude and scientific inquiry skills to appreciate and understand the world we live in


Enterprising learners with the mindset and passion to pursue knowledge and skills in Science


To cater to the different aspirations and abilities of our students, the department offers several subject combinations in the Upper Secondary. 

The options for Secondary 3 Express in 2019 are:
- Physics & Chemistry
- Physics & Science (Chemistry/Biology) 
- Science (Physics/Chemistry) 

The options for the Secondary 3 Normal Academic in 2019 are:
  • ‘O’ Level Science(Physics/Chemistry) 
  • ‘N’ Level Science (Physics/Chemistry)  

Science is also offered as an elective to Secondary 3 Normal Technical students. 

The department adopts Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) into its curriculum. We are committed to create learning experiences to foster deep learning and instil a sense of inquiry and curiosity through a variety of approaches. Lesson packages have been developed and are constantly refined for each level to provide opportunities for students to develop 21 Century Competencies, especially in Critical and Inventive Thinking (CIT).
To cater to students of diverse learning profiles and abilities in pursuing knowledge and skills in Science, varied modes of assessments are used. Besides practical skills, students are also assessed in performance assessments in problem-solving, mind-mapping, model-making, video-making, etc. 

Advanced Elective Module (AEM) 

AEMs in Science are offered to the students in Sec 3 Express and Sec 3 Normal (Academic).