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Mother Tongue Languages


The Mother Tongue Language Department is committed to develop students into proficient language users who can communicate in a confident, effective and meaningful way in real-life situations.

Desired Learner Outcome

The MTL curriculum aims to develop proficient language users who can communicate confidently and effectively in various real-life contexts. It also aims to expose students to cultures and values through the MTL lesson. In Yuying, the MTL curriculum seeks to:

  • Strengthen communication skills – students to be able to use their MTL as a living language in and out of school.
  • Deepen appreciation of culture - students to be able to understand and develop their unique identity through a deeper appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and history.
  • Better connect with communities – students to be able to connect with communities across Asia and the world who speak that language or share that culture.

Teaching and Learning Approach

To achieve the learning outcomes, interactive and innovative teaching strategies are tailored to suit our students’ learning needs. Teachers will use differentiated teaching for different learner groups and emphasis on more lively teaching. 

School-based curriculum is developed so as to cater to the specific needs of our students. Experiential learning is integrated, allowing students to make a connection between the concepts learnt and the real world context, so as to better prepare students to actively use their MTL in real-life situations. 

Lessons conducted focus on developing students’ critical thinking and creative thinking skills. Teachers will also leverage on ICT to provide students with more interactive and real-life authentic learning to promote self-directed and collaborative learning.

Assessment Framework

Assessment plays an important role in developing students’ proficiency in MTL. It does not serve only as an evaluative tool, but also as an instructional tool to promote students’ learning. The use of a variety of assessment modes will allow for better matching of performance tasks with outcomes.
Assessment modes include:

  • Self, peer and teacher assessment
  • Oral presentation
  • Project work
  • Test and examination


To create an engaged and innovative learning environment, the MTL Department has tailored various enrichment programmes for all students:

  • Sec 1 Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM)
  • Cultural Learning Journey
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • Mother Tongue Cultural Camp
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
  • Drama Appreciation
  • Internal competition: Chinese Calligraphy Competition, Chinese Essay Competition, Malay Language Essay Competition,Malay Language Scrabble Competition