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The teaching, learning and assessment of mathematics in Yuying is anchored by the pentagonal framework shown above. In the learning of mathematics, mathematical problem solving is the central focus. The five sides of the pentagon detail the process and knowledge the students require to acquire and apply mathematical concepts and skills in various situations, including non-standard, open-ended and real-world problems

Desired Learner Outcome

Every student to develop an interest in mathematics and value add academically.


The department believes in providing opportunities to students to participate in competitions. The teachers’ involvement in the training of the students for these competitions not only forges a stronger bond between teachers and students, it also makes the students more confident. So far the teachers and students have done the school proud by emerging as First Runner up in the ArithmetEQ 2014 organised by Yishun Secondary School and Second Runner up in a Maths category during the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Maths Carnival.

Besides participating in competitions, the department also organise one for the Primary Schools. The Inter School Sudoko Mania is in the third year running and has been well received by schools. Twenty teams participated in this year’s competition. The enthusiasm and competitiveness displayed by the participants make the competition a success and give us the confidence to continue organising the competition in the coming years.


The Mathematics Department believes that in order for the students to appreciate the essence of mathematics, learning should not be just confined to the classroom. The teachers in the department have brought the students out of the classroom for experiential learning where students can apply their mathematical concepts into solving real life problems. This provides the opportunity for them to learn the subject in an authentic way. All students would have experienced the ‘Maths Trail’ held during the Integrated Learning Journey and the annual ‘Maths Week’ at least once each in their years in Yuying.

Integrating ICT into learning has also become a norm for the teachers. The use of iPads in the ‘Maths Trail’ and Graphic Calculators during lessons are some of the examples on how the teachers integrate ICT into their activities. Furthermore, the department has embarked on the 4 Dimension Immersive Program (4Di) which is a gaming software infused with educational content. This integration of ICT helps to make the activities alive and interesting.

Enhancing the Mathematics Department teachers’ pedagogy is the philosophy of the department. The adoption of pedagogical initiatives such as Lesson Study and Differentiated Instruction is a reflection of the teachers’ drive to continuously improve themselves professionally. In 2012, the department collaborated with NIE and Professor Akihiko Takahashi, a leading researcher in the field of Lesson Study to organize a Lesson Study cum Public Research Lesson Workshop for teachers in Singapore. This year, another Lesson Study was conducted together with Mr John Yeo from NIE, who is an authority in assessment of 21st Century Skills.