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Craft and Technology subjects (D&T, FCE, F&N, Art) are instrumental for the development and honing of real-life solving skills, with empathy as the core value. Craft and Technology students develop practical life skills and understanding of the evolving world for a deeper appreciation of different cultures within the society. The emphasis is to equip our students with the ability to make sense of knowledge, and the creation of new knowledge is embedded within the curriculum. With the life-skills developed, the students will possess critical and inventive thinking skills to improve the world.

Desired Learner Outcomes

The curriculum is structured to equip students with higher proficiency and greater understanding in design, aesthetics, financial literacy and nutrition and food Scienc. The students will learn to handle the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) environment of the future through three main focus:

      A) Developing In-depth and Multiple Perceptions
        The students will:
        • develop the ability to perceive issues from different perspectives and the ability to identify critical issues
        • record key observations and form personal opinions
        • be equipped with interpretation skills (informed awareness) for deeper understanding of the identified issues
        • be instilled with empathy to be sensitive to the needs of others and thus contribute back to the society

          B) Communication Skills
            The students will:
            • develop critical and inventive thinking skills (informed decisions) through design thinking
            • conceptualise and visualise ideas and effectively communicate the ideas to others
            • be fostered with positive attitude and mindset, to be confident individuals

            C) Application of Knowledge and Skills
              The students will:
              • cultivate an inquiring mind, a spirit of experimentation and a passion for learning in design, aesthetics, financial literacy and nutrition and food Science
              • apply design principles in the creation of design artefacts, artworks, financial planning and meal planning

              Teaching and Learning Model / Approach

              The Craft and Technology Department adopts Design Thinking as the main teaching and learning model. With empathy at the heart of the design process, students develop a sense of purpose in learning C&T subjects. The students will be equipped with the process to innovative relevant solutions that create a positive impact and transform difficult challenges into opportunities for design.

              As such, the empathy-based curriculum is designed to engage the students with real-life scenarios using interactive and innovative teaching strategies. We seek to develop self-directed learners who have the passion for learning and spirit to serve the community.

              Design & Technology

              • Design Innovation workshop and learning journeys to deepen design education.
              • Computer Aided Design for design communication.
              • Design & Entrepreneurship Club - Innovation and Enterprise programmes, Mentoring with Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurship Projects.

              ART Unit

              • Learning journeys to Art museum/ events to expand their knowledge and creativity through perceiving, communicating and appreciating.
              • Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) on Arts Appreciation/ 3D modelling and animation/ Ideas for Design by Temasek Polytechnic for Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic students.
              • Art Club – Art Immersion Projects.
              • Art Club – Studio Enrichment Experience.

              Nutrition & Food Science

              Experience growing of crops as ingredients in their own dishes for Secondary Two students.
              Gamification as learning experience for Lower Secondary students.
              Annual Sandwich Making competition to promote healthy living.
              Annual Ice-cream Making competition to promote creativity.