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Guzheng Ensemble

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Elegant melodies and beautiful tunes - the Guzheng Ensemble brings to you a piece of Chinese culture through music. In the Guzheng Ensemble, students learn about the history of the Guzheng instrument, and how to play it with refinement and skill. Skills students will learn include score reading, finger techniques (such as plucks, sweeps, glissando, tremolo, slides, vibrato and etc) and player’s poise. Each performance is like a dance - both beautiful to watch, and moving to the ears. 

Yuying’s Guzheng Ensemble, originally a Chinese Orchestra (2004-2018), consists of many members with no prior musical backgrounds when they join the Ensemble in Secondary 1. By the end of their Secondary 4 or 5 year, students will be able to leave the school with relevant skills and performance experiences both in school and in external performances and competitions. In school, students will have the opportunity to perform during the Secondary 1 Orientation Week, Lunar New Year celebrations, Speech Day, Openhouse and others. Apart from that, they will participate in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival competitions, and other external events.  

The Ensemble grows together and learns together. Members forge close friendships and teamwork through the weekly practices. Seniors are given opportunities to lead and mentor junior members, and students take responsibility for the running of the CCA.  

The Ensemble attained a Certificate of Accomplishment in SYF 2019 during our year of formation. A short 2 years later, we attained a Certificate of Distinction in SYF 2021 under the guidance of our conductor Mr Qu Feng, and our instructor, Ms Fu Ying Ying. We are very proud of our consistent growth and we will continue to work towards becoming better musicians, and more importantly, more responsible, disciplined and resilient people. 

Mdm De Chunyan
Mrs Jaslyn Lim
Ms Mindy Tan
Ms Low Yuet Wan

Mr Qu Feng
Ms Fu Ying Ying

Training Sessions:
Mondays, 3.30PM to 6.00PM
Fridays, 2.30PM to 5.30PM

Certificate of AccomplishmentCertificate of Distinction