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Concert Band


“One Band! One Sound!”

This is the energetic cheer you will often hear from Yuying Concert Band (YYCB) which is made up of about 100 passionate students, 6 dedicated teachers and 2 band directors.

In YYCB, we believe in providing our members with the opportunity to showcase their musical talents through public performances. We organise our own year-end concerts together with our sister school bands (Yishun Primary Concert Band and Pasir Ris Concert Band). To hone their skills, we also actively organise and participate in music exchanges with other school bands and conduct music workshops with professional Band Conductors. 

In our effort to nurture the members as responsible future leaders, we conduct Leadership Camp to instil discipline, teamwork and values in them, as well as to empower the members with the skills and resilience to adapt to challenges.

YYCB has a good track record over the years in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation and was invited to participate in several events by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Arts Education Branch (AEB) and other external agencies.


Ms Ng Yun Xuan (I/C)
Mr Jameson Kang
Ms Jasmine Mong
Mr Jerrold Chong
Ms Lee Wan Rong
Ms Ng Li Rong

Band Directors:

Mr Mohd Faizal
Mr Steven Phua

2017  20192021 
Certificate of DistinctionCertificate of Distinction  Certificate of Distinction (Flexi Band)
Certificate of Distinction (Percussion Ensemble)