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National Cadet Corps


Our Motto:


To nurture responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens.

Our Mission:

To develop resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players through fun and challenging military-related activities.

Our Core Values

Loyalty to Country
Commitment and Responsibility
Care for Fellow Cadets
Adventurous Spirit
The NCC aims to complement the academic education of our boys by providing them with the relevant practical training to enhance their mental and physical capabilities. Our activities are organized in a fun and adventurous setting to make training and learning interesting for our cadets. Cadets have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills through their time in secondary school with many moving on to become Cadet Officers at their respective tertiary institutions.

2017 2018 2019 
Bronze Award for Best Unit Competition Silver Award for Best Unit CompetitionDistinction for Unit Recognition


Mr Rajesh William (CO)
Mr Goh Ser Meng  
Mr Tan Yurn Long
Mr Low Zhiyong

Training Day & Time
Fridays, 2 - 5.30pm