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Girls' Brigade


About Girls’ Brigade

The Girls’ Brigade Singapore (GBS) is an international uniformed youth organisation for girls, recognised by the Ministry of Education of Singapore as a Co-Curricular Activity in schools. 

Our Mission

Developing each Girl and Officer to her fullest potential by Equipping, Empowering and Enabling:
Every Girl a Leader,
Every Officer a Servant Leader.

What we do

Girls’ Brigade (GB) program focuses on developing all rounded aspects of social, educational, spiritual and physical aspects in each girl. Activities include drills, exciting varieties of badgework. camps, outings and community work. Our mission is to develop - "Every girl, a leader' by equipping, empowering and enabling them. We have been steadying growing over the years. In 2007, we have achieved silver awards for our first entry in the National Drills, received our Colours Awards, and two of our girls have achieved the prestigious Pioneer Brigader Brooch Award.

Living Sanctuary Brethren Church is the sponsoring church to The Girls’ Brigade Singapore 70th Company. Our weekly meetings are on Saturday mornings from 9am to 1pm.

Our programme focuses not only on badgework and drills. We also have FUN! We play games, organise eating session, have outings etc. Have you ever slept with the fishes? How does an overnight stay in Underwater World Sentosa sound to you?Or maybe learn how to do inline skating, rock climbing and kayaking? Well, then this CCA is for you!

We believe in moulding each and every girl into a fine young lady who will possess desirable social and moral values such as commitment and a sense of responsibility. In her four years in Girls Brigade, girls will be provided with many opportunities to learn, grow and lead so that they be equipped and prepared to take on the challenges in her life. Some platforms of leadership include planning of company events such as the Welcome party for new recruits, Farewell party for graduating cohort, weekly games and yearly camps. 

Achievements and Awards

2017 2018 2019 
Gold Company Award Gold Company Award  Dr. Low Guat Tin Challenge 2019 (Bronze)


Ms Hannah Tan
Ms Melody Toh
Mdm Esther Tay
Ms Melanie Sim


Ms Christel Zhu
Miss Chia Li Yi
Miss Elizabeth Thia
Miss Felicia Ng