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Wushu (Mixed)


Wushu is a popular term that has been synonymous with Chinese martial arts. Yuying Wushu follows the discipline on ‘taolu’. It is similar to gymnastics which emphasise on marital art patterns, maneuvers and aerial techniques such as cartwheel or single and double leg kicks. Yuying Wushu takes part in individual and team competitions. Our athletes have attained remarkable and commendable level of achievement at Inter-school competitions, Wushu and Sanda competitions and even at the National level. 

Yuying Wushu has proudly and faithfully maintained its 1st to 3rd placing for both individual and group events since 2008. With sheer passion and determination, these athletes have done the school proud not only in the competitions - national and international, but also in school and annual celebrations. They have been invited to perform in many schools. Our students have also performed annually at our school’s Speech Day, Chinese New Year celebration and Chingay processions in February. 

文韬武略 encapsulates the ideals of Yuying Wushu. As a martial arts form, Yuying Wushu inculcate  poise, confidence, resilience and self-control so that our students can excel in various areas. We are committed to building the character of our members who will be responsible and active contributors to the society. .

Training days 
Every Tuesday and Thursday, 3 - 5 pm


Ms Wang Hsiao Yu
Ms Candice Yong 
Ms Clara Gan 
Ms Kiw Hui Xin
Mr Ang Eng Hong

Event LevelDivisionGenderResult
Nan DaoBGirls 4th
Nan Dao B Girls  6th
Nan Dao B Girls  5th
Group Weapon  B Girls  6th

2017 2018
Event Level Division Gender Result Event Level Division Gender Result
Nan Dao Girls 4th Dan Dao B Girls 4th
5 Duan Sword C Boys 6th Spear (1st Int'l) B Girls 4th
Nanquan Girls 6th Nan Dao (1st Int'l) B Girls 5th 
42 Style Taijiquan B Girls 1st Dan Gun (1st Int'l) B Girls 6th
42 Style Taijisword B Girls 1st Sword (1st Int'l) B Girls 6th
Cudgel (2nd Int'l) B Boys 6th        
Changquan(2nd Int'l) B Boys 6th        
Group Changquan C Girls 6th