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Sepak Takraw (Boys)

Sepak Takraw
Yuying Secondary School has many students to be proud of. But every once in a
while, a student stands out from the rest, a shining beacon of talent and ability. 

In 2018, Danyal Shah Bin Ashren Shah caught the attention of the school by being
awarded the ASEAN School Games Best Sports Boy for Individual Sport as well as
the Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Award 2018 for Sepak Takraw. As if
that was not enough of an achievement, he was also appointed as the Singapore
Schools Team Captain (Sepak Takraw) in the ASEAN School Games 2018. 

He has represented Singapore not merely once but twice in the ASEAN School Games.
Danyal has not only served in a leadership role, but he has also mentored newly
appointed captains as an advisor in the 2017 Sepak Takraw CCA Executive

We applaud Danyal for his achievements and his service to others. The
school wishes him the best in his academic and sporting endeavours.

Teachers- In-Charge

Mdm Absa Ummal Binte MD Ali (Overall In-Charge)
Mr. Zhang Zhiyang, Don
Mr. Tan Yong Thye, Steven


Mr. Juraime Bin Atan

Our Leaders

Sec 4:
Captain: Mohd Farhan B Mohammad
Vice-Captain 1: Muhammad Izzad B Zainal Abidin 
Vice-Captain 2: Khairi B Muhammad Nyagib

Sec 3:
Captain: Danish Nur Afiq B Mohammad S
Vice-Captain 1: Muhammad Al-Syakir B Abdul R
Vice-Captain 2: Muhammad Danial Afiq B Ayazid 

Sec 2:
Captain: Sim Jun Long
Vice-Captain 1: Koh Fabian
Vice-Captain 2: Muhammad Irfhan B Mohamad Y


Every Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 to 5:30pm

Event Level Division Gender Result
South Zone B Boys 3rd
South Zone C Boys 3rd