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In Media Society, our members are introduced to the world of robotics as they gradually learn the basics of building and programming autonomous robots using sensors. Working together to build an effective robot, they systematically test and refine programs, using the design process to develop a solution in order to complete missions, all the while developing skills related to collaboration and teamwork, and life skills for their future careers. Our members are trained to use a variety of multimedia platforms for broadcast and production, and they oversee audio-visual support for our school’s public address system during events. The CCA also aims to equip our members with skills in multimedia presentation, video & graphics editing, movie-making, coding and flash animations so as to keep up with ICT trends and industry shifts. Our members strive to be dependable and energetic youths who possess initiative and take great pride in providing services to the school.


Mr Leong Kah Hoong

Mdm Tan Lin

Training Session:

Thursday 3.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m.