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Media Resource Library
Yuying Library is located at Level 2 of the main building. It has a collection of about 10, 000 books in three language (English, Chines and Malay) fiction and non-fiction books.  Opening hours are from 8.30 to 5pm every day. It is closed on Fridays from 1205 to 1250 for Library Assistant’s lunch break.

Student Librarians report for duty once a week for 2 hours. They help with loaning and returning of books, shelving and repairing of books. As ambassadors of the Library, they also encourage their schoolmates to read books. They are involved in the planning and execution of monthly thematic displays, where related books and attractive designs are showcased. Some of the displays are for Total Defence Day, Valentine’s Day, National Day, Teachers’ Day and Instructional Programme related themes.

Student Librarians are also involved in the Gift from the Heart Programme, book talks to the school during the morning assembly, Books To Go day. In competitions like the S.U.R.E Club, Prove It! Challenges organised by National Library Board. They learn about the literary world in workshops like Information Literacy talk, and assisted in Wishing upon the Star, where books were distributed to children and families.

Teachers In-Charge

Mrs R. Mahindapala
Mdm Tan Lin
Mdm Sara Leo

Assistant Librarian
Mdm Aisha