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English Society

English Society
English Language (EL) Society explores language in speaking and various creative expressions. Members will learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas through public speaking and drama. With aims of training members to be eloquent speakers creative and dramatic performers, the EL society members are regarded as ambassadors of the EL in the school.  

Members participate in various competitions such as YMCA-PESA and National Public Speaking Competition. In fact, one of the members, Rachel Kang, was awarded the Bronze Honour Roll during the YMCA-PESA 2014. 

Members of the EL Society also aided in the planning and execution of the EL Jamboree, the school’s annual English Language Week, for which they presented on the different facets of the English Language during the morning assembly. They have also been actively participating in exciting drama workshops and attending local plays. In the year 2016, EL Society managed to perform a 40 minutes play based on the story, ‘The Little Prince’ during the school assembly and the performance was well-received by the audience. 

In Drama, members will develop speech, drama and acting skills. Training sessions include exploring the dynamics of the body language and movements in relation to characterisation. Not only that, members will be exposed to script-writing, directing and producing a play. Drama builds harmony because it is fun and interactive!

The EL Society is held every Thursday at 3.30 pm. Come join us! 

Teachers in Charge:

Mrs Nisha Khan
Miss Jasmine Mong
Ms Mindy Tan