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English Society

English Language (EL) Society explores language in speaking and various creative expressions. Members will learn how to communicate their thoughts and ideas through public speaking and drama. With aims of training members to be eloquent speakers and dramatic performers, the EL Society members are regarded as ambassadors of the English language in the school.  

Members of the EL Society organised and executed the annual EL Day, in collaboration with the Media Resource Library. They attended various local plays such as Toy Factory’s production of Here and Beyond in July 2018. For Teachers’ Day celebration in 2018, the EL society members wrote their own scripts and put up a short skit titled ‘Mrs Cheng’, a story of a teacher’s relentless sacrifice for her students. Training sessions for this performance included exploring the dynamics of body language and movements in relation to characterisation. The performance was well-received by the teachers and students in the school. 

The EL Society is held every Thursday at 3.30 pm. Come join us! 


Mrs Nisha Khan