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Design and Entrepreneurship Club (DEC) is a spin-off from the subject Design & Technology (D&T). It started in 2010 as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). Its aims are to train students in design thinking methodology that encourages them to be innovative and creative in making design come alive in meeting the needs of its users. DEC also hopes to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and exposes our students to design innovation and entrepreneurship as a career.

The DEC programme has been supported by the Action Community for Entrepreneurship’s (ACE) three-year entrepreneurship programme, the Yes! School programme, Spring Singapore (2010-2016), and Yuying Secondary’s Applied Learning Tier 2 Programme since 2016. This programme comprises experiential learning modules, workshops and competitions that will help our students gain hands-on experience and get exposure to the real world of business. 

Programme Activities

  • Participating in Innovation and Entrepreneurship learning modules (Design Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Financial and Marketing).
  • Participating in experiential learning journeys.
  • Participating in design competitions such as Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award, Prudential young trailblazers 2020, 2021 and local competitions organised by polytechnics and companies.
  • Digital Making with micro:bit tinker Kit.
  • Engagement with Entrepreneurs.

Teachers in Charge

Mrs Cindy Chan

Mr Victor Wong

Mr Azman