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Rules & Regulations


1.1 Pupils must be present at the assembly area by 7.40 a.m. during school days.
1.2 Pupils must remain in the school compound during school hours unless permission is granted by the school authorities.
1.3 Pupils are expected to produce a medical certificate or official document for their absence on the immediate school day after the day of absence, failing which, the pupil will be deemed to have played truant.
1.4 Pupils must attend compulsory school functions and activities outside school hours.

2.1 Pupils must assemble at the assembly area according to class and index numbers, quickly and in an orderly manner.
2.2 Pupils must stand at attention during flag-raising and pledge-taking. 
        Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.
        Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. All pupils must sing the School Song.
2.3 Pupils are expected to respect the speaker (s) and show appreciation by paying attention.

3.1 Pupils are expected to adhere to the standards pertaining to school uniform stipulated in the Guidelines on School Uniform.
        Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
3.2 Pupils must wear the full school uniform during all mass gatherings within the school premises. The uniform should always be clean and tidy.
3.3 Pupils are allowed to wear the Alternative Uniform, class t-shirts only on Fridays that do not fall on the day of an examination or a school event.
3.4 Pupils must wear the standard PE attire during PE lesson. Pupils not taking PE on that day must also be in PE attire.
        (Pupils who do not conform to the code of conduct with regard to the school uniform may be made to purchase new ones, asked to surrender their unacceptable uniform and be liable for punitive actions)

3.5 Pupils must ensure that the school badge sewn on the shirt / blouse is not faded.
3.6 Pupils must ensure that the name tag sewn on the shirt / blouse is positioned below the school badge. It must not be faded and must be clearly visible.
3.7 Pupils must button up their shirt / blouse fully at all times.
3.8 Pupils must ensure that the sleeves of their shirt / blouse are not folded up.

3.9 Female pupils must maintain their skirt at knee length. No waist bands are to be worn.
3.10 Male pupils are to ensure that their long pants are straight cut.
3.11 Pupils are to wear their pants / shorts / skirt at the waist level and must not be folded.
3.12 Pupils are to ensure that the hem of the pants / shorts / skirt is neatly sewn and not folded.

3.13 Pupils must ensure that their school shoes are white-based and white-laced.
3.14 White socks must be worn at all times and must be visible.
3.15 Pupils who cannot wear school shoes due to medical reasons are to submit a medical certificate with the duration of excuse clearly stated, to their respective Form Teachers.

3.16 Pupils must wear proper school uniform / CCA attire or appropriate half-uniform* when attending activities during school holidays.
        (No sandals / slippers and home-clothes allowed)
        * Appropriate half-uniform:
      • T-Shirt bearing the school name / logo with school pants / shorts / skirt OR
      • standard PE attire AND
      • school shoes with visible socks

4.1 Pupils must have hair of natural colour and are not allowed to tint, highlight or dye their hair.
4.2 Pupils must not be spotted with outlandish hairstyles.

4.3 Male pupils must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed.
4.4 Pupils must have hair that is short, simple and neat.
4.5 Pupils must ensure that their hair does not touch the eyebrows, collars and ears.
        (Pupils who do not conform to the code of conduct with regard to hairstyle may be asked to cut their hair immediately)

4.6 Pupils must ensure that their hair is neat at all times.
4.7 Pupils with long hair must ensure that their hair is tied up neatly with black rubber band.
4.8 Pupils must make use of black hair bands or black hair clips to pin up their hair and ensure that the fringe does not touch the eyebrows.

5.1 Pupils are to maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times.
5.2 Pupils must keep their fingernails short, clean and unvarnished.
5.3 Pupils are prohibited to put on any form of make-up.
(This includes the drawing of eyebrows and eye linings) 5.4 Pupils are prohibited to wear jewellery, fashion accessories, religious adornments and outlandish spectacles.
5.5 Pupils are prohibited to wear coloured / tinted contact lenses.
5.6 Pupils are prohibited to have any form of body-piercing or body art.
        (All prohibited accessories may be confiscated and parents may be called in)
5.7 Female pupils are allowed to wear only one pair (one on each side) of gold or silver coloured, plain and simple ear studs in the ear lobes.
5.8 Pupils must deposit their mobile phones in the handphone housing at the start of every lesson.
(Pupils who do not comply with this rule will have their mobile phones confiscated and parents/guardians will be called in to collect their child's/ward's mobile phone) 

6.1 Pupils must closely follow the class rules and expectations set by Form Teacher (s) and Subject Teachers.
6.2 Pupils must remain in class during change over of periods and are only allowed to leave
the class with permission from the teacher AND with an Exit Pass. The Exit Pass must be worn and clearly displayed. 6.3 Pupils are to leave the classroom during recess. No loitering along the corridors.
6.4 Pupils must always be attentive and not be found sleeping in class during lessons.
6.5 Pupils are expected to complete and hand in assignments on time.
6.6 Pupils are expected to have integrity and diligence in their assignments.
6.7 Pupils are expected to bring the required learning materials for every lesson / remedial.

6.8 Pupils must move in a brisk, quiet and orderly manner around the school during school hours.
6.9 Pupils are expected to line-up on twos and move as a class. There must be no shouting orrunning along the corridors.

6.10 Pupils are expected to queue up when buying food.
6.11 Pupils must buy and consume food / drinks only in the canteen during recess time / after school hours.
        Pupils may only consume plain water in the classroom and other areas of the school.
6.12 Pupils are expected to display good table manners and return used crockery, utensils and cups to the receptacles provided.

6.13 Pupils must keep classrooms, school premises and public area clean at all times and refrain from littering.
6.14 Pupils must not loiter at void decks, shopping malls and other public places in their school uniform.
6.15 Pupils must be well-behaved and socially responsible inside and outside the school.
6.16 Pupils are expected to display the school values of Integrity, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility at all times.
6.17 Pupils are expected to show respect to all staff of Yuying Secondary School and members of the public.

The Discipline Committee reserves the right to decide on and carry out follow-up actions it deems appropriate, for breach of the Code of Conduct. The Committee also reserves the right to review the Code of Conduct and make amendments where necessary.