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Principal's Message

Message from the Principal

Dream Big and Shine – The theme for 2018 expresses our hope for every student who passes through our hands in Yuying Secondary School. We want every individual to see beyond their limitations, and aspire to achieve excellence in their varied areas of interest.

Holding Fast to Big Dreams
        In Yuying, we celebrate excellence in many forms. Danyal Shah B Ashren Shah is a shining example of a student who has achieved personal excellence under the guidance of the school. With humility and selflessness, Danyal served as Captain of the Sepak Takraw school team in 2016. His hunger for improvement and wholehearted commitment to the sport inspires his peers. In 2018, he was appointed as Captain for Team Singapore in the ASEAN School Games. To top it all off, he was recognised as the Best Sportsboy in the Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Award Ceremony. 

Apart from grooming talents through our sports Co-curricular Activities (CCA), Yuying offers a variety of programmes to nurture students holistically. The programmes include other CCA, Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Values-in-Action (ViA) and Work Attachment programmes. These programmes expose students to learning in real world contexts, and help them to develop the values of Integrity, Resilience, Respect and Responsibility as they seek to learn and to serve the community.

Shining Bright from Within
        Through our ALP, fostering ‘Critical and Inventive Thinking Skills through Design Thinking’, students are given opportunities to innovate and design for the benefit of our community. For example, in the Singapore Polytechnic Toy Design Competition, using 3D printing, Latifah Khadijah designed an inclusive playground that fosters interaction amongst adults and children with and without disabilities and special needs, while Low Jun Li designed a “Sampan See-saw” that evokes sentiments for Singapore’s kampong heritage. We are proud that both of them have demonstrated civic literacy through their designs. 

        The school continues to seek platforms beyond the school for students to apply their learning so that they can experience how they can contribute to society meaningfully. As part of the ALP, 7 students from Grow-Inc Club participated in the National Environment Agency’s G!nnovation Challenge 2018. In this competition, students worked on Food Waste Reduction as they were motivated to do something that could reverse the problems associated with climate change. Applying their data analysis and public speaking skills, the team educated the school population on strategies to tackle the problem of food waste. For their resilience and hard work, the students were awarded the Top Prize in the Secondary School category. 

Support that Goes a Long Way
        Apart from our dedicated teachers who provide guidance to students in these engaging programmes, Yuying students also benefit from a strong and supportive School Management Committee that encourages students to shine, by offering school-based scholarships and awards. Even students who have graduated from Yuying continue to receive support in the form of Yuying Alumni Bursary Awards to help them to further their education in higher institutions.

        In 108 years of history, Yuying has provided quality education and helped students work towards achieving their dreams. The school continues to believe in its mission of nurturing wholesome individuals with Global Mindset, Passion to Learn and Spirit to Serve.

Mr Lo Chee Lin