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Principal's Message

Beacons of Hope

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes abound. Teachers and students alike wear masks in school, safe distancing measures have been put in place as students go about their learning routines, both in the classrooms and during their co-curricular activities. All mass assemblies have been cancelled, and dismissal timings have been staggered to prevent inter-mingling of students from different levels. External programmes now take place over Zoom or YouTube Live platforms. Even our annual class bonding day had to be conducted virtually in the form of virtual escape rooms.

The changes may be great, but what is greater is our will and resolve to defend our way of life and interests, and our fighting spirit to overcome challenges together. This is not only the definition of Psychological Defence, it is also an apt description of the resilience shown by the Yuying community in adapting to a new normal. We are committed to ensuring that quality learning continues to take place in our school, and that we persevere in nurturing and developing each student holistically.

The Way Forward

Full Subject Based Banding

Yuying Secondary School is one of the pilot schools for Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB) in Singapore. This year, in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have successfully rolled out FSBB in the Secondary 1 level. Our Secondary 1 students are now in mixed form classes taking common curricular subjects such as Art, Character and Citizenship Education, Design and Technology, Food and Consumer Education, Music and Physical Education. They also take a range of general subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, Mother Tongue Languages, the Sciences and Humanities subjects at three levels according to their readiness.

The roll out of FSBB in Yuying Secondary School is part of MOE’s ongoing efforts to nurture the joy of learning and to develop multiple educational pathways to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students.

National Digital Literacy Programme

We are also embarking on the National Digital Literacy Programme by procuring Personal Learning Devices for every student from Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 in order to enhance students’ learning experience through ICT both in and out of the classroom. Tapping on ICT knowledge and e-pedagogy skills acquired during the home-based learning period in 2020, our teachers and students have grown in confidence in harnessing digital platforms for teaching and learning. We look forward to even more engaging and self-directed learning in and out of our classrooms.

Be like a Lighthouse lighthouse.jpg

As we look forward to the end of the pandemic across the globe, we continue to build our resilience and grow as Educators and Learners. Like a lighthouse, Yuying Secondary School will continue to guide our students and community, unwavering in our will to nurture wholesome individuals with global mindset, passion to learn and spirit to serve. Together, we will weather all storms.

Mr Lo Chee Lin