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Principal's Message

Message from the Principal

What are leaders of tomorrow doing today?

This year, as we celebrate 109 years of rich school heritage, we renew our dedication to empower students to be leaders of tomorrow. The theme ‘Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow’ is guiding us through a meaningful year of learning and celebrating successes. We provide opportunities for every student to achieve personal excellence in class and beyond school in order to achieve our Yuying Desired Student Outcomes (DSOs) of becoming Lifelong Learners, Responsible Citizens, Compassionate Leaders and Enterprising Changemakers. We believe that the values and dispositions of these DSOs will stand them in good stead in their future.

In Yuying Secondary School, we value learning. One of the key focus areas in our school is to help students discover their strengths and build their competencies. Our teachers ignite curiosity and engage the minds of our students with student-centric pedagogies and interactive lessons. By fostering the intrinsic motivation to learn, we nurture talents, develop skills and grow aspirations.  The school remains true to its mission of nurturing wholesome individuals with Global Mindset, Passion to Learn and Spirit to Serve.

Global Mindset

In our curriculum, students are exposed to issues in the global community and how Singapore has a role to play in addressing these issues. Their Geography lessons extend the knowledge about Global Warming and Climate Change to beyond the classroom. The trips to nature reserves trigger in them the awareness and appreciation of the need to protect our environment. The Values-in-Action (VIA) projects include creating an awareness of the 3Rs – Re-use, Reduce, Recycle - in the community such as reducing food wastage and use of plastic.

There are also opportunities for cultural exchanges with students from the neighbouring countries in the region through our hosting of foreign visitors and overseas trips. These experiences are aimed at heightening cross-cultural understanding and the appreciation of socio-cultural diversity through authentic contexts and settings.

Passion to Learn

Through our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) that aims to foster ‘Innovation through Design Thinking’, students are given opportunities to innovate and design for the benefit of our community. For example, in the Singapore Polytechnic Toy Design Competitions, our students worked on designing playgrounds and toys that were inclusive in nature and had received awards for their efforts. In addition, there are also opportunities for students who prefer to innovate in food design. They created recipes that were beneficial for people with special dietary needs such as making healthy and delicious granola bars for diabetics.

As part of the ALP, students from our Grow-Inc Club participated in SYNER-G! 2019. In this competition, students worked on a project with the aim of teaching their peers the correct way to recycle plastic bottles. Through this learning experience, students learnt a lot about being resourceful and reaching out to the respective agencies to gather information and support as well as deepening their understanding of the Green movement in Singapore.

Spirit to Serve

In our school, students are reminded of the importance of having a heart of gratitude. ‘饮水思源’ is the timeless value that our founding pioneers lived by and it is also the legacy they left behind. This year #yuyingstories saw the return of our alumni to share their journey and milestones after graduation with their juniors. These inspirational moments lit the imagination and aspirations of our students, allowing them to see a desired future that is within their grasp if they are willing to strive to be the best versions of themselves. With the unwavering support of our teachers, parents, alumni and school management board, Yuying Secondary School will remain steadfast in nurturing our students to become enterprising learners who strive for excellence.

To all students of Yuying, continue to soar and rise like the eagle and achieve personal excellence together.

Mr Lo Chee Lin