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Yuying Parent Support Group

Yuying PSG was formed in July 2003 to engage parents in the process of educating our students
育英中学家长会成立于2003年7月, 目的让家张们共同参与教育学生的过程。

The PSG is a partnership between parent volunteers and the school for the people who matter the most to us – Our Children.

The vision of the PSG is for parents to put their love and concern for their child into action by working with the school to achieve Yuying’s mission and vision for the students.
通过家长对孩子的关爱, 携手与校方共同栽培孩子的未来, 完成教育的使命和愿景。

PSG aims to create opportunities for closer interaction between parents, principals and teachers and develop a greater understanding and commitment to the mission, vision and direction of the school.

PSG Organisation Chart


Activities of the PSG

Some of the PSG activities include quarterly meetings and dialogue sessions with the school leaders, parenting talks under the FamilyMatters @Yuying, annual gathering, outings and participation in school events.