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School Crest & Motto


The school crest is made up of 2 concentric circles with the picture of an eagle in the shape of a Capital Y depicted in the inner concentric circle.

The outer ring comprises the name of the school, Yuying Secondary School and the school Motto, "Together Achieve Personal Excellence".

The inner ring has the name of the school depicted in its Chinese characters. As the Chinese word 'Yu' means to nurture or to cultivate and 'Ying' means heroes or talent, taken together, it portrays the desire of the school to nurture our students and develop their talents so that they can be useful citizens of Singapore.

The eagle in the inner ring of a 'Y' is used as a symbol to represent the kind of student which the school would like to develop i.e: to be like a soaring eagle, strong, swift and powerful; decisive and resilient, always striving to achieve greater heights.

The colour white symbolizes purity while the red eagle signifies universal brotherhood and teamwork and hence the school motto, 'Together Achieve Personal Excellence'.

The school motto, 'Together Achieve Personal Excellence' signifies the importance of teamwork and unity within the school.

Excellence here carries the meaning of 'doing one's best according to the best of his/her ability and it involves courage and determination.

As the staff and students work together with all her stakeholders, the school aspires for each and every individual to strive for their personal best and collectively, as an organisation, to be able to work towards achieving excellent outcomes.