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Student Leadership Committee

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Every Student a Leader 


To Nurture Leadership Potential in Every Student 


To provide leadership opportunities for every student. To impart leadership skills through providing training at all levels. To leverage on students’ leadership skills through collaborating with external organisations in trainings and events. To inspire leadership excellence with recognition schemes.

What we do:

    • Planning, execution and facilitation of major school events such as Secondary One Orientation (YOOP), Student Leadership Investiture, Annual Prefects’ Camp, Prefects Leadership Trainings and Teachers’ Day Celebration;

    • Partnership with Mathematics Department in executing Inter-School Sudoku Competition and CCE committee for the Values-In-Action projects; 

    • Partnership with external agencies such as Bethesda CARE for leadership trainings; 

    • In-house trainings for Class Executive Committee and Class Chairmen;

    • Facilitating focus group discussions with students and school leaders.