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Learning for Life Programme

Here at Yuying, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), YUYING C.A.R.E.S (Collaborate. Act. Reflect. Empathise. Serve) focuses on the aspect of Community and Youth Leadership (CYL). To this end, our Values-In-Action (VIA) programmes provide opportunities for students to acquire the skills required to champion social causes and become effective changemakers in the community. VIA programmes in our school are also interdisciplinary in nature, as we seek to develop the head, hands and hearts of our students. 

Growing Through Varied Experiences

YUYING C.A.R.E.S provides cohort-wide leadership training and values-in-action opportunities for the Secondary One through Three students through the EPIC process. 


Secondary 1

LLP Focus : Environment 

Secondary 1 students develop their understanding of environmental issues as part of their Geography Investigation curriculum and deepen their knowledge through learning journeys.  They are given the opportunity to apply their learning by undertaking environmental advocacy projects and sharing the message of 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) with the community. 

Secondary 2

LLP Focus : Elderly

Integrated into their Project Work (PW), students apply the use of design thinking on the planning and execution of VIA project in tribute to the elderly community.  They make use of design thinking skills to understand the needs of the elderly in our society and how they can address these needs. Some of our partner organisations are the Lions Befrienders, Thye Hua Kwan SAC and St Luke's Eldercare. 


Secondary 3

LLP Focus: Social Causes

Using their Issues Investigation knowledge acquired from their Social Studies lessons, the students identify causes in the community that are important to them. They contribute to the community by acting on, raising awareness or advocating the cause of their choice. Some of these social causes include the elderly, the homeless and migrant workers. 

Secondary 4 and 5

LLP Focus : Community Partnership

The students give back to the society by organising a school-wide donation drive for a welfare organisation of their choice. This community partnership creates opportunities for students to consider active volunteerism beyond their secondary school education.   

TIER 2 LLP in Yuying

Social Entrepreneurs in Action
Each year, selected VIA ambassadors showing extraordinary passion and ‘Spirit to Serve’ continue to hone their skills in community leadership. In 2018, in-depth training was provided for this group, together with selected student leaders from the Uniformed Groups to prepare them for an overseas service learning trip in November 2018.  They applied their social entrepreneurship skills to raise funds for their overseas service learning project in Hanoi. 


TIER 3 LLP in Yuying


Overseas Service Learning

In 2018, a team comprising student leaders from the Uniformed Groups and the VIA Ambassadors embarked on a 5-days Overseas Service Learning trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. The team carried out service learning projects at the Friendship Village and the Child Protection Centre where they interacted with the children and engaged them in activities such as bag painting and craft-making, as well as games like Dodgeball.  Our students also packed and distributed gifts to the children in these homes.