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PET rocket1 2011
     Combined Humanities-Science cum Cultural Exchange Trip to Perth


Cultural Immersion Trip to Osaka


Critical and Compassionate learners in the 21 Century Competencies 


To cultivate an appreciation of the Humanities in the students; and instil in them a strong civic consciousness through varied teaching approaches in Humanities Education. 

Teaching and Learning Model/Approach/Pedagogy

The study of Humanities utilises the use of inquiry. This approach encourages questioning, critical thinking, investigation and problem solving in the exploration of issues surrounding us. 21st Century skills are infused in the Humanities lessons in order to nurture our students to be independent learners. Students undergo lessons that are incorporated with Thinking Routines, an element of Visible Thinking, to meaningfully foster critical thinking amongst the students. 

Curriculum/Signature Programmes


Programme Name


Sec 1 Geography – Geographical Investigations – Project GAIA! 

Students embark on an interdisciplinary VIA-Geographical Investigation Project called Project GAIA! where they make connections about how humans impact the environment. Secondary 1 students are given opportunities to explore environmental conservation and waste

management. These opportunities enable students to design effective environmental messages to engage the community during outreach.

Sec 2 History - Historical Investigation @ URA

To enable students to understand that housing posed a challenge in Singapore's journey towards nation-building as a newly independent country, students visit the Singapore City Gallery to see the story of Singapore’s remarkable transformation. To heighten and make concrete their learning, students take a walk in the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar to discover and gain first-hand experience of how Singapore manages the challenges of providing affordable housing and cope with the competing demands for land.

Sec 3 SS cum VIA Project 

Secondary 3 students project provides students with the opportunity to examine a societal issue critically. While embarking on their group’s Issue Investigation, they will be

practising and strengthening a wide range of lifelong skills and responding constructively to a societal issue as informed, concerned and participative citizens. They will also propose solutions to address gaps in the society and execute these ideas as part of their Values-In-Action (VIA) project.

Overseas Cultural Exchange Humanities Trip

Secondary 3 students who signed up and are nominated get to go for an overseas Humanities Trip, which comprises of a mixture of disciplines such as Geography, History, Principles of Accounts, Elements of Business Skills and Social Studies elements. The countries for such cultural exchange and learning journeys include Japan, Australia, Cambodia and Hong Kong.






Awardee’s Information



Advance Elective Module @ Temasek Polytechnic - Digital Tools for Accounting & Investment 

25 Sec 3 students

22 Passes with commendations

3 Passes



Learning Journeys are integral to the holistic development of students. We believe in exposing our students to different range of issues – from self to national and global. Integrated Learning Journeys are planned to provide experiential learning that deepens the students’ understanding. To develop our students’ cultural intelligence, we organize many learning journeys for which our students would get to interact with students from other countries such as Japan, Perth, Cambodia and Hong Kong. These trips are carefully planned to include what they have learnt in the classrooms.