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Literary Society

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Newly set up in January 2020, the Literary Society (Lit. Soc.) provides a platform for members to participate in activities exploring the language arts. 

Through drama, members will develop skills that allow them to express themselves creatively. Members will also strengthen their self-discipline and confidence while developing an appreciation and enjoyment of drama.  Through team-building skills within training sessions, members are taught a range of skills like voice techniques, movement, improvisation, script writing and acting. 

Members are also expected organize library-related activities where they are involved in the planning and execution of thematic book displays.  They will also role-model good reading habits as part of language acquisition through book-review sharings to the whole school.

CCA Sessions: Mondays, 3.00PM to 4.00PM (Library) Thursdays, 3.00PM to 5.00PM (AVA 1)


Ms. Koh Siang Cheng 

Ms. Hope Sng

Library Assistant:

Ms. Aisha

Drama Instructor:

Ms. Li Neng