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Literary Society


Newly set up in January 2020, the Literary Society (Lit. Soc.) provides a platform for members to participate in activities exploring the language arts. 

Through drama, members will develop skills that allow them to express themselves creatively. Members will also strengthen their self-discipline and confidence while developing an appreciation and enjoyment of drama.  Through team-building skills within training sessions, members are taught a range of skills like voice techniques, movement, improvisation, script writing and acting. 

Members are also expected to organize library-related activities where they are involved in the planning and execution of thematic book displays.  They will also role model good reading habits as part of language acquisition through book reviews and sharing with the whole school.

CCA Sessions: Mondays, 3.30PM to 4.30PM (Library) Thursdays, 3.30PM to 5.30PM (AVA 1)


Ms. Koh Siang Cheng 

Ms. Hope Sng

Library Assistant:

Ms. Aisha

Drama Instructor:

Mr Darren Guo