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The Cabin

(i) Mission

- To care for the self, others and the larger community

(ii) Objectives

  • To build resilience in Club members through developing self-awareness and acquiring life skills
  • To instil respect in members for others by encouraging good teamwork amongst all club members and to foster a sense of commitment to Project CABIN's mission as well as to each other
  • To inculcate a sense of responsibility in the Club members by promoting a sense of care, empathy and compassion for all the students in the school and the larger community.

(iii) What we do
  1. The CCA programme under CABIN Club focuses on three core values - Resilience, Responsibility and Respect. 

  2. CABIN Club CCA aims to develop aptitude (Resilience and Responsibility) and attitude (Respect) in the character development of its members.

  3. We seek to guide the CABIN Club members in reinforcing their performance strengths by equipping them with life skills and problem solving skills. We also believe that it is important to build moral strength in youths as it takes courage and strength to stand firm against peer pressure, differentiate between what is morally right and wrong and dare to be different by doing what is right regardless of pressure. 

  4. These core values are in line with those of the MOE’S 21st Century Competencies Framework. We aim to build resiliency in members to strive in adversity, inculcate a sense of responsibility in the members, instill respect in members for self and others, and show care for the environment and the less fortunate by participating in the CABIN Club activities

Teacher-in-charge :

Mdm Latha (I/C)
Miss Yee Sze Jia