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Student Development Team

The Student Development Team (SDT) supports the school’s mission of nurturing wholesome individuals through the holistic development and well-being of students. To do so, the team focuses its effort in strengthening the culture of care in school and collaborates with form teachers to nurture and guide the students in developing their social and emotional competencies. 

Building culture of care within form classes

Form classes are the basic unit of the school community. The team works on building the culture of care and class spirit through various structures and programmes such as Class Bonding Day, class bonding activities, Start Right! Programme, Class Competition, Student-Teacher Interaction (STI) sessions and Form-Teacher Guidance Periods (FTGP).

Support and Engagement Programmes

Support and engagement programmes are also put in place to support the various needs of our students. These programmes include HiSTAR programme, Rainbows Programme, Self-Management workshop and Cyber Wellness Enrichment Programme.


We believe that every teacher is a counsellor and all teachers are equipped with basic counselling skills to address the needs of the students. The School Counsellor and Year Heads/Assistance Year Heads also counsel students who may require additional support. 
Learning and Behavioural Support
Students who require special learning and behavioural support will be supported by our Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support)(AED/LBS) through group/individual literacy lessons and social skills training sessions. Cases that require special attention will be referred to MOE Psychological Services Branch.