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National Education

National Education is important for nurturing a future generation of citizens who love Singapore and have a strong sense of belonging to Singapore. With globalisation bringing about an unprecedented and accelerated rate of change with a myriad economic and social challenges, it becomes even more important for NE to succeed in its objectives of developing national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future.

In Yuying Secondary School, the four anchored events are commemorated through the structured programmes of the Story of the Week, the Character and Citizenship Education lessons, hands-on activities, NE Quiz, school wide sharing on specific NE-related stories and skits by both our teachers and students during assembly periods. All these activities internalise and reinforce the importance of Singapore Identity and nation-building.  

The annual National Day is celebrated in a unique way as the students, staff, and stakeholders like our Parent Support Group,SMC and Alumni get to try the hands-on NE activities facilitated by tthe CCE ambassadors. Last year, each class chose decorative materials from each station to dress up a student as any one of Singapore’s icons. The activity was brought out class camaraderie and importantly, strengthen the belonging to the nation. 
All in all, National Education is an integral part of the holistic education to instil the right values and bring out the best characters among the students in a multi-racial and multi-religious society. This is to ensure the continued peace, stability and prosperity of the nation.