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DSA 2018

In alignment with the school’s vision and mission, Yuying Secondary School has the following as our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) and Applied Learning Programme (ALP) 
LLP - Totally Wholesome Engaged and Empowered TeenS (TWEETS)
ALP – Fostering Inventive and Critical Thinking through Design Thinking for Enterprising Learners
Yuying is conducting our DSA exercise 2017 to admit Secondary One students for the academic year 2018. In this exercise, Yuying offers Primary 6 (2017) students who have experiences in areas related to our LLP and ALP the opportunity to gain direct admission into the school before the release of PSLE results.
Selection Criteria
We would like to invite Primary 6 (2017) students with one or more of the following attributes or experiences to apply for DSA.
    1. Students who participate actively or have provided leadership in Values-in-Action (VIA). Programme in their primary school or in community organisations.
    2. Students who have participated actively in business and entrepreneurship programmes in their primary school or has similar experiences in other platforms
    3. Students who have participated or/and recognized in competitions related to design and invention

The following criteria will be used in the selection process:
    1. Experiences and participation in the area of community involvement, business, entrepreneurship and/or design.
    2. Achievements in the area of community involvement, business, entrepreneurship and/or design.
    3. Assessment of attitude and suitability during interview session.
    4. Demonstration of potential during interview session.
    5. Academic results and conduct grade. 

Application Process and Timeline

    1. Application form is available at the school General Office. You may also obtain the form here.

    2. The following documents are to be submitted together with the application form.
      a. Copies of Primary 6 Mid-Year results or equivalent
      b. Copies of CCA records
      c. Copies of VIA/CIP records and documents to show participation in Values-in-Action programmes
      d. Copies of relevant supporting documents of programmes and/or competitions related to business, entrepreneurship and design, if any
      e. Handwritten personal statement (200 words) describing yourself, highlighting attributes that support your application

    3. Students under the categories mentioned below are to obtain a Registration Number from MOE Customer Service Centre upon the start of the DSA exercise on 8th May 2017 before submitting the application form:
      • Students currently not studying in any MOE school
      • Returning Singaporeans, both citizens and Singapore PRs, who are currently not studying in MOE schools

    4. The completed application form, together with all supporting documents listed above, are to be submitted by hand to:
      DSA Exercise 2017
      General Office
      Yuying Secondary School
      47 Hougang Avenue 1
      Singapore 538884

    5. The closing date for submission is Monday, 3 July 2017, 5.00 pm.

    6. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    7. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed between 17 July and mid-August 2017.

    8. All applicants will be informed of the results of their application (Confirmed / Waiting List / Rejected) by 31 August 2017.

    9. Students with Confirmed Offer or on Waiting List will be issued with School Preference Form on 30 October 2017 through their primary schools. Students are required to submit their School Preferences to MOE via DSA-Sec Internet System or at their primary schools from 30 Oct 2017 to 3 Nov 2017.

    10. The final DSA-Sec results will be released through Primary Schools together with the PSLE results.