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Volleyball (Girls)

Yuying Volleyball is an all girls team which has brought the school through many competitive seasons. The well-structured volleyball programme in Yuying trains our girls to exhibit good balance, flexibility, upper and lower body strength and speed. In addition to these areas, our girls are also taught and trained in team formation, sports psychology and the various aspects of overall fitness. These have become key strengths of Yuying Volleyball when we represent the school in national tournaments and the like.

Our dedicated coach helps our girls attain their match-play potential by incorporating match simulation drills as well as overall match and developmental coaching techniques into their training sessions. He places emphasis on improving the girls’ speed of movement, timing, communication and effective teamwork – all pivotal factors for effective match play.

Our long-term vision for when they graduate is to nurture Yuying volleyball girls into individuals with a strong sense of responsibility, resilience and a high level of integrity.

Teachers In-Charge:

Miss Ham Jia Yun (I/C)
Miss Fariza Begum Mohamed Zabir
Ms Nor Jehan Raseede
Ms Cheryl Chia


Mr Teo Teck Huat Jerry

South Zone B Girls (2nd) & C Girls (4th) 2016
SZ interschool 4th in South Zone B Girls 2015
4th in South Zone B Girls 2014
1st in South Zone B Girls 2013
2nd in South Zone B Girls 2012
4th in South Zone C Girls 2012